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Release Date: 3o May 2020



  Artist Title Cat Country Year
D-Knox Meditation EP ‎(12", EP) BNR-160 US 1996
D-Knox Maya Illusion E.P. ‎(12", EP) sm00 3 US 1996
Last Generation First Trumpet DJ Track  SM001 US 1995
D-Knox Higher Self E.P. ‎(12", EP) SM-002 US 1995
Last Generation Spiritual Influence E.P.(EP) SM-004 US 1996
Spirit Man Art Of Living E.P. ‎(12", EP) SM-005 US 1995
Spirit Man Sound Doctrine E.P.(EP) SM-006 US 1996
Spirit Man Seventh Seal E.P. ‎(12", EP) SM-007 US 1996
D-Knox The Overcomer E.P.(EP) SM-008 US 1997
Mike Dreben The Presence And Disturbance E.P. ‎(12", EP) SM-009 US 1997
Various Collective Consciousness SM-010 US 1998
D-Knox Mystical Illusions E.P. ‎(12", EP) SM-011 US 1998
Mike Dreben Bushido E.P. ‎(12", EP) SM-012 US 1999
Fanon Flowers Winter In Kalamazoo SM-013 US 1999
D-Knox The Music Player E.P. ‎(12", EP) SM-014 US 1999
Jay Denham / D-Knox Jay Denham / D-Knox - Tracks ‎(12") SM-015 US 1999
DJ Jerm Arival ‎(12") SM-016 US 2000
D-Knox The Holly March EP(EP)  SM-017 US 2000
D-Knox The Innerworld EP.(EP)  SM-018 US 2001
D-Knox String Major E.P.(EP) SM019 US 2001
Archetype Excursions For Reason E.P.(EP) SM020 US 2001
Last Generation Saturday Sessions E.P. ‎(12", EP) SM021 US 2002
D-Knox Absence Of Thought E.P. ‎(12", EP) SM022 US 2001
Peter Sliwinski aka Echoplex Peter Sliwinski aka Echoplex - Stopping The Time E.P.(EP) SM023 US 2002
D-Knox A New Beginning EP(EP)  SM024 US 2004
Pacou Crossing The Domains ‎(12", TP, W/Lbl) SM024 PROMO US 2003
D-Knox Superior To No One E.P. ‎(12", EP) SM025 US 2008
Laniman On The Right Track EP ‎(4xFile, WAV, EP) SM026 US 2009
Roman Zawodny Seres E.P. ‎(4xFile, MP3, EP, 320) SM027 US 2010
Diego Hostettler* Disruptive Chickens E.P. ‎(12", EP) SM028 US 2012
D-Knox The Life You Want E.P ‎(3xFile, MP3, EP, 320) SM030 US 2013
D-Knox Timeless Minds ‎(12") SM035 US 2015
D-Knox The Human Machine EP ‎(12", EP) SM036 2018
D-Knox House Trax ‎(Digital Album) SM036 2018

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Donnell Knox (D-Knox) grew up in Kalamazoo (Michigan), a city halfway between Detroit and Chicago, which goes a long way to explain the musical direction he’s taken over the past 20+ years. As a musical youth he learned piano and drums before discovering dance music in the early 80s. Spending summer vacations with family in these two cities, he would listen to the Hot Mix radio show while in Chicago and The Wizard (Jeff Mills) on WJLB in Detroit, drawing inspiration and knowledge from two places that have been instrumental in House and Techno’s history. When his cousin, Jay Denham returned to Kalamazoo in the early 90's the two began making tracks together and later Denham introduced him to the likes of Derrick May and other early Detroit producers. After releasing tracks for various key labels, like Elypsia, Magic Trax (run by the influential 90’s magazine, Magic Feet) or Denham’s Black Nation, he started his own Sonic Mind imprint, which continues to this day (the next release is due shortly), establishing a worldwide fan base. Now residing in Warsaw, Poland, the sound of D-Knox continues to develop.